The Art of Thanksliving

The Art of Thanksliving

David L. Oxley Sr.
Senior Pastor / Eagles’ Crest Fellowship

In1621 the Plymouth Colonist practiced the first “Thanksgiving” dinner / celebration after one half of them died and the survivors surviving after enduring indescribable hardships. Today, 329 years later in 2010, this Thanksgiving, we Americans will eat 45,000,000 turkeys plus all the trimmings. My educated guess is that only a fractional percent of us millions of Americans eating those 45 million turkeys plus all the trimmings, while watching our football games will have even the slightest awareness of reflections on that first Thanksgiving 329 years ago.

Some years ago I read a book about “The Art of Appreciation” by Peterson. Since that time I have endeavored to live my life not just with the “Thanksgiving” attitude, but with what I refer to as a “Thanksliving” attitude. I must admit that I don’t bat a 1,000, but I am in this game of life, on the field not as a spectator but as a participator. My Dad, the late Rev. Paul W. Oxley Sr.’s mantra was, “I’d rather wear out than rust out.” He not only “talked the talk” he also “walked the walk.”

If I heard him say, decree, pray, intercede or declare this “one” time, I heard him, (and I can hear him in my mind’s ear this even as I write) say this hundreds and hundreds of times. This quote is from the Apostle Paul to his spiritual son Timothy, “The Lord knows them that are His.” The entire verse in 2 Tim. 2:19 says, “The foundation of God stands sure, the Lord knows them that are His.”

In the midst of adverse conditions, fiery trials, bewildering circumstances, my Dad practiced the art of Thanksliving by declaring his full assurance, joy and hope in the absolute truth that the very foundation of Jehovah stood steadfast and sure in the fact that the Lord knows them that are His!

I encourage you during this Thanksgiving season to “Practice the Art of Thanksliving.” Happy Thanksliving! J

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