This Week @ ECF – 4/24/11

This Week’s Sermon: “Vision From Calvary Part 4” Roger A. Smith opened this series with a very poignant and penetrating Word for ECF! The essences of his sermon was Grace. He said that “Grace will mess you up – take you places you’ve not been and cause you to do things way beyond your comfort zone.” THANK YOU Roger! This week’s sermon is entitled “Vision of Commitment.” We are using the last seven statements Jesus uttered from the Cross as our premise. Let’s soar as we explore; “Vision of Commitment!

Our Baptistery is operational!!! PTL! Yahoo! Awesome! Hallelujah! After several years of different individuals attempting to help, a dear friend and brother, Bill Nolan an engineer achieved! PTL!!! Special Baptismal service forthcoming!!!

“Prepare” is ECF Word for 2011. I encourage you to re-listen to them by podcast or you can order them on CD free from ECF’s Audio/Video Ministry Department. Let us continue to hear the word of the Lord as we “Prepare” for all God has for us!

  • Mon. 4/25 @ 6:30PM @ ECF – Board of Advisors (BOA) 
  • Tue. through  Fri.: 9AM Prayer Meeting @ ECF
  • Wed. 4/27 @ 7PM, “Wild & Wacky Wednesdays” (Kids 1-6 grade)
  • Wed. 4/27 @ 7PM – Bible Study w/ Doug Huchteman speaking
  • Thurs. 5/5 – National Day of Prayer
  • Mon. 5/9 @ 7PM – “Times of Refreshing” w/ Gandaras
  • Sun. 5/29 @ 12PM – Fellowship Lunch
  • Sun. 5/29 – 5th Sunday Singing following meal
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