This Week @ ECF – 5/22/11

Wow! What a celebration we had last Sunday! Thirteen (13) followed Jesus in Water Baptism following the dedication of our Baptistery! We were honored to have several guests with us! Eagles – I am so proud of you! Your love and acceptances of others is getting more like Jesus every week! Already we have four (4) more desiring to be baptized. We will have another baptismal service next month, Sunday June 19th. Those desiring to be baptized, please see Pastor Oxley ASAP. I say with tongue in cheek, “ECF is now a legitimate church – we can baptize now!” PTL!!! J

Current Sermon Series: is entitled “E + P = J. Interpreted meaning; “Easter plus Pentecost equals Jubilee!” This sermon series will conclude Pentecost Sunday, June 12th. From Easter to Pentecost is Fifty (50) Days. The “Resurrection” plus “Enduedment” equals Jubilation! Jubilation is: Liberty, Liberation and Liberality.  Let’s soar as we explore; “E+P=J.” AMEN!!!

“Prepare” is ECF Word for 2011. I encourage you to re-listen to these sermons by podcast here or you can order them on CD free from ECF’s Audio/Video Ministry Department. Let us continue to hear the word of the Lord as we “Prepare” for all God has for us!

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