Double Tragedy for our Son Gerry and family

This evening (May 24, 2011) our oldest son Gerry and his wife Sylvia living in Cashion OK, were hit by a tornado. They lost everything they had. Sylvia’s mother living next door lost everything too. The double tragedy is that just yesterday we buried Sylvia’s father, Gilbert Hernandez – her mother’s husband of 41 years. Gerry and Sylvia has there entire family living with them – 4 sons, 1 daughter, 1 dauther in law and two grand daughters. Aniece (Sylvia’s mom has 2 daughters and 5 grand dauthers living with her. They have been devasated – not able to salvage even a pair of sox.

Although they have insurance – we know that it does not cover nearly everything.

They are all staying with family members so they are not having to stay in a shelter.

Kaye and I purchased pillows, blankets, quilts and tolietary items for them this pm.

I am appealing to you first and foremost for your prayers. God is Faithful! Secondly, if you feel compelled to give a donation you can do so through using pay pal. Designate your gift Hernandez famliy.

Thank you!

Pastor Oxley

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