This Week @ ECF – 6/19/11

If you are a male 18 years of age in America you are a “Father Figure!” There is such an absences of Fathers in our society that our culture is eroding at unprecedented levels! As males develop a godly relationship with our Heavenly Father – role models of godly father-figures can and will impact social ills and ilk’s with godly righteousness! Men – “Man Up!” and be godly Fathers! AMEN!!!

“The Restorative Grace of Father God” is the title of this week’s sermon. We are going to experience a “living example” of “The Restorative Grace of Father God!” We will examine, 1)Bear and Share the Burdens, 2)Be Generous and Do Good, 3) Love Covers But Does Not Conceal, & 4)The Promise of Rest. Let’s soar as we explore, “The Restorative Grace of Father God!”

 “Jay Stone Singers” will be our guest music ministers Sunday, June 26, 10:30 AM. ECF welcomes them back! We were privileged to have them with us last July 4th. They began ministering in song in 1976.  I have known them as personal friends for over twenty years. They “walk the walk” as much as they “talk the talk!” They have traveled in 19+ states as well as Canada and Mexico. INVITE your friends and family to come and be blessed by the Gospel Music Ministry of the “Jay Stone Singers” Sunday, June 26, 10:30 AM.

  “Prepare” is ECF Word for 2011. I encourage you to re-listen to these sermons by podcast  or you can order them on CD free from ECF’s Audio/Video Ministry Department. Let us continue to hear the word of the Lord as we “Prepare” for all God has for us!

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