ECF “WORD” From “Jesus” / Lady Visitor

From “Jesus” / Lady Visitor
Sunday AM, August 14, 2011 

This “Word” was given to Patricia Wiles who spoke for me while Kaye and I were on vacation in Branson, MO. attending two family reunions.

“During the special song I saw a beacon, very bright like a giant lighthouse.
There were carloads of people heading towards the light.
Cars – each full of families or adults of all ages were moving! Not standing still or sitting doing nothing.
You could tell the light was turning yet the brightness of the Light never dimmed as it turned for all to see in any direction.
It was cloudy and seemed dark, yet the beacon never wavered, dimmed, or stopped.
You are this beacon!”

Aug. 14, 2011

A Confirming Word:

On Thursday, August 25, 2011 in a conversation scheduling and confirming an upcoming engagement him this October 23rd, with Dr. B.J. Willhite, he closed our phone conversation praying that ECF would be a “Sign” in OKC for Jesus and His Kingdom. That people from all over, (north, south, east & west) as they see this “Sign” come and experience Jesus and His Kingdom! AMEN!!!

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