This Week @ ECF 11/06/11

“Honoring VETERANS Sunday”

This Week Service and Sermon is focused on “Honoring our Veterans.” We will take a candid look at “War” and its impact on civilization and especially the USA. Then we will explore our Spiritual Freedom that is Not Free – focusing on “FREE.” We’ll conclude with “The Believers Arsenal.” “Freedom is not free – all gave some and some gave all!”

A Special Thank You!
To Children’s Pastor Lavoe Hartley for planning and directing our annual “Fall Festival” last Sunday PM! Thank you Bro. Kerry for an outstanding “5th Sunday Gospel Singing!” A GREAT DAY! AMEN!!!

Praying In The HARVEST

Thank God for Labors – The Harvest is ready! Children’s Pastor Lavoe Hartley and Lynn McClure Director of Discipleship Ministries have issued a call for children’s Teachers, Assistants & Volunteers for just a 13 week commitment! Availability is all that is required. It’s Harvest Season for ECF! Let’s reap His Harvest for His Kingdom and enjoy fruit that remains! Thank You for entering into His Harvest!

Celebration Sunday! Remember that Sunday Nov. 20th (before Thanksgiving) is Celebration Sunday!  We will bring the fruit (results) of the $’s seeds we received in response to the challenge of Roger Smith’s sermon! ARE YOU EXPECTING A HARVEST?

 “Prepare” is ECF Word for 2011. I encourage you to re-listen to these sermons by podcast on our website or you can order them on CD free from ECF’s Audio/Video Ministry Department. Let us continue to hear the word of the Lord as we “Prepare” for all God has for us!

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