This Week @ ECF 12/4/11

“Merry CHRISTmas”

It’s CHRISTmas time! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The reason for the season is Jesus! Celebrating His Birthday! We will be celebrating the “Advent Wreath” each Sunday during December. Our sermons will be based upon each of the candles in the “Advent Wreath.” They are as follows:

Sun. Dec. 4: “Hope”
Sun. Dec. 11: “Peace”
Sun. Dec. 18: “Joy”
Sun. Dec. 25; “Love” – “JESUS”

This week’s (12/04/11)  sermon is entitled “Hope.” As sinners we were walking in darkness but now have seen and received The Light”! Those of us living in the shadow of death – The Light has dawned! We were without hope but now have “HOPE!” Let’s soar as we explore “Hope!”

Praying In The HARVEST!

Thank God for Labors – The Harvest is ready! Children’s Pastor Lavoe Hartley and Lynn McClure Director of Discipleship Ministries have issued a call for children’s Teachers, Assistants & Volunteers for just a 13 week commitment! Availability is all that is required. It’s Harvest Season for ECF! Let’s reap His Harvest for His Kingdom and enjoy fruit that remains!

 “Prepare” is ECF Word for 2011. I encourage you to re-listen to these sermons by podcast or you can order them on CD free from ECF’s Audio/Video Ministry Department. Let us continue to hear the word of the Lord as we “Prepare” for all God has for us!

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