This Week @ ECF 3/4/12

“Power of One” is our “Vision – Mission Word” for 2012. Every year we have resolutely relied on a specific “Word” of the Lord for ECF. As Prophet Dale Gentry says, “One word from God can change your life!” ECF’s “Word” comes in different ways through different people. Then it is always confirmed in my spirit!

During a Leadership Luncheon the first of October (2011) Lavoe Hartley anointed and appointed confirmed the potential of “The Power of One” that is going to manifest in our Body in 2012. AMEN! You are “Prepared!”  This week we will continue to explore the “Power of One Prayer” – addressing “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.”  Father God always hears everyone’s prayers!

“Fresh Fire Revival” – Evangelist Charles Walters will be back with us in Revival, Sunday March 25th through Wednesday, March 28th. Service times are Sun. 10;30AM and 6PM, then 7PM Mon. – Wed. “Fresh Fire” emitted out of one our 9AM Prayer Meetings with intercessor Raylene Meyers. It immediately resonated with all the intercessors present that day. While in that prayer meeting we called Evangelist Charles Walters and sealed this word in prayer. So come expecting “Fresh Fire.” As the Holy Ghost prompted me, “If you want “Fresh Fire” I demand “Fresh Sacrifice.” AMEN!!!

  • 9AM Prayer – Tuesday through Thursday
  • 7PM Wednesday – “Wild & Wacky Children’s Ministry and Bible Study
  • Times of Refreshing w/ Gandaras, Mon. Mar. 12, 7PM
  • ECF’s “Eagle Chicks” – Women’s Ministry, Sat. Mar. 17th @ 1PM
  • Revival – Evangelist Charles Walters, Sun. – Wed., Mar. 25 -28th

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