This Week @ ECF 4/15/12

“From Passover to Crossover”

This week we will conclude our current sermon series “Power of One Prayer” – addressing the 7th Basic Need of humanity, “Divine Partnership” – “For Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever!” Let’s soar as we explore “The Power of One Prayer!


“Celebration / Dedication-Flags of the Nations” coming next Sunday! Special Guests are Veteran Missionary Rev. Charlene West and our Heartland Conf. Bishop Frank Tunstall. You will be participating in a Prophetic Fulfillment of a Prophecy given by Prophetess Kathy Sandlin in March 1999! Wow! AMEN!

“Passover Seder” was a grand celebration together last Sunday! The Leader Margy Pezdirtz, and Psalmist Rod Woodruff were outstanding! Thank you Eagles for being willing to get outside our box in celebrating Easter! We trust that you were kindled to a closer insight of and in Jesus! We give a special “Thank You” to  Kay Huchteman and our “Eagle Chicks” for preparing the food and serving us! And “Thank You” Eagles who remained to clean up! God bless each one of you!

“Power of One” is our “Vision – Mission Word” for 2012. Every year we have resolutely relied on a specific “Word” of the Lord for ECF. As Prophet Dale Gentry says, “One word from God can change your life!” ECF’s “Word” comes in different ways through different people. Then it is always confirmed in my spirit!

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