This Week @ ECF 4/29/12

ECF Welcomes
“One Voice” from SCU!

This week, ECF welcomes “One Voice” from Southwestern Christian University! Under the direction of Dr. Gloria Tham. “One Voice” is comprised of SCU students using their artistic talents to minister.

PS: As most of you know SCU is my alma mater as well as two of my children. I am equally humbled and honored of the positive influence SCU has had in my destiny! AMEN!
~ Pastor Oxley

Fifth Sunday Singing: This week is our Fifth Sunday Singing preceded by “Dinner on the Ground!” Following our morning service, we will enjoy a “Pot Blessing” meal together.  ECF’s Worship Pastor Kerry McClure will host the singing! If you desire to sing or present something in the performing arts – see Pastor Kerry!

Celebration / Dedication of Flags of the Nations: Wow! What an awesome and wonderful celebration we had last Sunday! We experienced a prophetic fulfillment that was 13 years in being fulfilled! God is always faithful! Even when we are not – He is always faithful!  AMEN! Now what is even more exciting is the fulfillment of the rest of that prophecy! Stay tuned!

New Sermon Series Coming: “The Power of the Power of One!” This Power is Personal, Omniscient, a Wonder, Eternal and Restricted. Next Sunday we will explore in Part 1 that “The Power of the Power of One” is Personal! Get ready to soar as we explore this “Power!”

New Teaching Series Coming: “The Fruit of the Spirit” teaching series begins in this Wednesday’s PM Bible Study with Pastor Oxley. His lesson will serve as an introduction and overview of “The Fruit of the Spirit.”

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