This Week @ ECF 5/20/12


Revival with Evangelist James Gale:
Sunday, May 20 (10:30AM, 6:00PM) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, May 21-23 (7:00PM). 
While in his teens James played the guitar professionally. He has performed with some of the top talent in the
USA! At age 15 he became blind due to a hunting accident. James’ lack of sight has not hampered his vision for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. James is a Holy Ghost anointed preacher and teacher! Come prepared to become “Powered Up In The Holy Ghost! AMEN!

“The Power of the Power of One!” 

This Power is:

Current Sermon Series: “The Power of the Power of One!” This Power is Personal, Omniscient, a Wonder, Eternal and Restricted. Next Sunday, May 27, we will explore in Part 3 that “The Power of the Power of One” is a Wonder! Let’s soar as we explore this Power that is a Wonder!

Celebration / Dedication of Flags of the Nations: Wow! We experienced a prophetic fulfillment that was 13 years in being fulfilled! God is always faithful! Even when we are not – He is always faithful!  AMEN! Now what is even more exciting is the fulfillment of the rest of that prophecy! Stay tuned!

“Power of One” is our “Vision – Mission Word” for 2012. Every year we have resolutely relied on a specific “Word” of the Lord for ECF. As Prophet Dale Gentry says, “One word from God can change your life!” ECF’s “Word” comes in different ways through different people. Then it is always confirmed in my spirit!

May 30, Wednesday: New Teaching Series
“The Fruit of the Spirit / Peace”
with David Ross!

  • 9AM Prayer – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • Revival w/ Evangelist Jimmy Gale, May 20 – 23
  • Wed. 5/23 “No Wild & Wacky due to Revival”
  • Wed. 5/30 @ 7PM, Peace – The Fruit of the Spirit” – Team Teaching w/David Ross
  • May 27 – Honoring our Graduates
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