This Week @ ECF 6/3/12

“The Power of the Power of One!” 

This Power is:

Current Sermon Series: “The Power of the Power of One!” This Power is Personal, Omniscient, a Wonder, Eternal and Restricted. This week we will explore in Part 4 that “The Power of the Power of One” is a ETERNAL” Get ready to soar as we explore this “Power!” Let’s soar as we explore this Power that is Eternal!

Evangelist James Gale – called and shared that he likened our revival to a swimming pool filled with whipped cream and Marciano cherries. He dove in and “It was mighty fine!” He said that I was blessed with some of the best people in the world! To which Kaye and I give a resounding AMEN!
Pastor Oxley Sr.

This week ECF welcomes the Ben West family – missionaries to China. Pastor Oxley has known Ben’s family for nearly 30 years and all of Ben’s life! They carry a very special anointing of the Holy Spirit! Welcome Ben West Family!

Celebration / Dedication of Flags of the Nations: Wow! We experienced a prophetic fulfillment that was 13 years in being fulfilled! God is always faithful! Even when we are not – He is always faithful!  AMEN! Now what is even more exciting is the fulfillment of the rest of that prophecy! Stay tuned!

June 13, Wednesday: New Teaching Series
“The Fruit of the Spirit / Patience
with Jerry Newton!

9AM Prayer –Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
NOTE –  June 12, Tuesday @ 7PM – Board of Advisors rescheduled
NOTE – June 6, Wednesday @ 7:30PM – Larry Lea @ Heartland Conference Summer Summit @ I-40 & Anderson Road
June 13, Wednesday, 7PM – “Wild & Wacky” (1-6 grade) & Bible Study”- “Patience – The Fruit of the Spirit” Team Teaching Series w/Jerry Newton
June 11, Monday, 7PM – Times of Refreshing w/ Gandaras
June 16, Saturday – Golden Eagles Oklahoma River Cruise
June 17 – Fathers Day, guest speaker, Rev. J. David Manuel 



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