This Week @ ECF 7/29/12

In Whose Image?
Sunday @ 10:30AM

Current Sermon Series: – “In Whose Image?” This week (7/29/12) we conclude our Sermon Series “In Whose Image?” The hook in a popular song asked the question “Whose you Daddy?” Since “The Fall” not as in autumn but as in Evil vs. Good there has been this eternal conflict between carnality and godliness. The battle is heating up and getting hotter and will continue to escalate until the consummation of the ages. In this series we are going to explore and expose the hidden agenda of the works of darkness. Be prepared to be provoked to good works – AMEN! Let’s soar as we explore “In Whose Image?”

This Week is Communion Sunday
“Pot Blessing Meal”
5th Sunday Singing!

ECF practices “Open Communion” meaning you do not have to be a “member” of ECF to participate. If  you’ve confessed Jesus as Lord – we welcome you to participate in Our Lord’s Table!

“Pot Blessing Meal” – ALL are welcome (this includes YOU) to remain after service (7/29/12 @ 12PM) to enjoy some good food and fellowship (F&F). If you are a visitor or did not bring anything –THAT’S OK! Be blessed with some good “F&F!”

“5th Sunday Singing” – It’s “open – mic” time! Anyone and everyone who would like to sing, read a poem or even do some “soft shoe” are welcome to share your talent! Please see Pastor Kerry McClure to be added and included in this weeks “5th Sunday Singing!” 

> NO 9AM Prayer this week
> 7PM Wed. “Wild & Wacky Children’s Ministry,”
> 7PM Wed. Adult Bible Study – Doug Huchteman
> “The Nature of Man” – New sermon series coming next!!! 


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