This Week @ ECF 9/9/12

Sermon Series Continues This Week
“The Nature of Man” – part 4

We are exploring the “Conception of Man”, “The Human Doing vs. The Human Being”, and man as a triune being comprised of “A Spirit”, with “A Soul” living in a “Body.” In this series we will be challenged to self discern in true self discovery as to “The Nature of Man.”

Recent Sermon Series: – “In Whose Image?” The hook in a popular song asked the question “Who’s you Daddy?” Since “The Fall” not as in autumn but as in Evil vs. Good there has been this eternal conflict between carnality and godliness. You can listen to them on podcast and they are available free on CD – just place your order with ECF’s Audio/Visual Director, David Ross.

 Wednesday September 12
3:30PM – 6:30PM
FREE Flu Shots @ ECF from Walgreens (please sign up)

 September 16 @ 5PM
At ECF Next Sunday – Encore Showing
“Broken Chains”

  • 9AM Prayer – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • 7PM Wed. “Wild & Wacky Children’s Ministry”
  • 7PM Wed.  Adult Bible Study – “Book of James” w/ Pastor Oxley 
  • 8PM Wed. Praise Team Rehearsal – vocal and instrumental
  • 9/10 @ 7PM Mon. – “Times of Refreshing” w/ Gandaras 
  • 9/12 @ 3:30PM – 6:30PM Wed. – FREE – FREE Flu Shots @ ECF from Walgreens (please sign up)
  • 9/16 @ 5PM Next Sunday – encore showing “Broken Chains”
  • 9/22 @ 2PM Sat. – Women’s Ministry – Eagles Chicks “M&M’s”
  • 9/29 @ 8AM Sat. – Men’s Breakfast @ Baluu’s (NW 10th & Council)
  • 9/30 @ 12PM Sun. – Fellowship Meal (Pot-Blessing)
  • 9/30 @ 1:30PM Sun. – 5th Sunday Singing


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