This Week @ ECF 10/7/12

National Day of Prayer for Israel
“Pulpit Freedom Sunday”

This Week’s Sermon: “Citizens of Jerusalem / Residents of Babylon” – The Church – His Church – the Body of Christ – “The Called Out Ones” are experiencing tension and contention. As the sons of Issachar understood their times – so we too can understand our times.(1st Chron. 12:32) The Church is not the victim but the Victor! We are citizens of that Heavenly Country! AMEN!!! Think like it! Talk like it! Live like it!  AMEN!!!

“Now is the Time” is now available on podcast here.  These United States of America are at a crucial crossroads and our God destined destiny is on the line. Jesus said “My sheep know my voice and to another they’ll not listen.” “Now is the Time” for His Church – the Body of Christ to rise to the challenge! You are encouraged to listen and re-listen and judge for yourself the relevancy of this word, “Now is the Time.”

and have not registered

  • 9AM Prayer – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • 7PM Wed.  Adult Bible Study – “Book of James” w/ Pastor Oxley 
  • 8PM Wed. Praise Team Rehearsal – vocal and instrumental
  • FREE Flu Shots – Wed. 4PM – 6PM Signup Sheet in Lobby
  • Wed. Oct. 17thMonthly Fellowship Services – Pastor Murphy Speaker
  • “Gathering of the Eagles” – “Higher Vision”; Fri. 10/19 7PM –Prophetess Kathy Sandlin, Sat. 10/20 2PM – Dr. B.J. Willhite, Sun. 10/20 9:30AM – Dr. B.J. Willhite, 10:30AM – Dr. E.L. Baker


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