This Week @ ECF 12/30/12



“GROWTH” is the title and theme of our current sermon series. “GROWTH” is the acronym for “G” Grace, “R” Righteousness, “O” Others, “W” Worship Warfare, “T” Truth, and “H” Health(y).  Ephesians 4:15 is the cornerstone for this series; by learning to “speaking the truth in love, we may grow up into Him in all things, which is the Head – even Christ!” This week  we will continue with Part 4 “Others.” This principle of “Others” in the lifestyle of Christian living is at its core the exact opposite of our human nature! Let’s soar as we explore “Others!”

musicbackground“Fifth Sunday Singing and Pot-Blessing Meal” This week is our “5th Sunday Singing and Pot-Blessing Meal.” You are encouraged to stay for food and fellowship which will be followed with an “Open Mic” singing. Even if you did not prepare food – please stay and enjoy the multiplying of the “loaves and fishes!” If you desire to sing, share a poem or prose or do a dance – see Pastor Kerry!

Thank youKaye and want to say “Thank You” for how you have honored and loved us these nearly 15 years (January 1998)! This CHRISTmas your expressions of cards, letters, emails, texted messages, gifts and money and most of all your love – support and prayers are deeply appreciated! “Thank You!” Great things God has done and Greater Things He is doing! AMEN!!! ~ Pastor Oxley

Again – Thank you for every one who has donated food for our food baskets for families in need and to Men’s Ministry for raising money for gifts! Thank you for continuing  to bring coats, jackets and gloves for the downtown ministry!

Upcoming_Events_Banner (1)>No 9AM Prayer or Wednesday PM Bible Study due to New Years holidays!
>Dec. 30th, 5th Sunday Singing following our “Pot-Blessing” Fellowship Meal – If you have a song, skit or poem to perform – see Worship Pastor, Kerry McClure
>Jan. 6th – Special Vision Casting for 2013! Phil Larson special speaker! Please be praying with expectancy regarding this pivotal day in ECF’s destiny!



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