This Week @ ECF 5/19/13

power_of_pentecost_2This week is Pentecost Sunday – the birthday of THE CHURCH of our Lord Jesus the Christ! It is HIS CHURCH, He prophesied it and HE gave HIS life for HIS CHURCH! Happy Birthday CHURCH!

Welcome Back Rev. Paul Oxley Jr.! I am thrilled beyond words to welcome back to ECF’s pulpit my “Double Brother” Paul Oxley Jr. We are brothers in the flesh of the same mother, and we are brothers of the “Spirit.” The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead – dwells in both of us! Since boyhood he has been my “Buzz” my mentor and my friend. Paul is an Academician, a Scholar, an Educator, a Minister and one of his joys a Missionary! Other than our Mother, “Buzz” has showed me and as increased my hunger to know Jesus! As Paul preaches and teaches this morning – we will see Jesus! AMEN!!! ~David Oxley


“BROKENESS = Usefulness” is our new sermon series. There is the saying “If it is not broke – don’t fix it.” The Kingdom of God is a contradiction. For example; as Christians, We live to die. We die to live. In the Kingdom of God, “If it is broken, it can be used.” In this series, we will examine the contrasts of “Broken Seed – Bears Much Fruit,” Next Sunday will be Part 4 “Willing To Be Broken” We will examine Jeremiah and The Potter’s House.  Let’s continue to grow  as we explore “BROKENNESS = Usefulness!”

growth“GROWTH” is our word for 2013. “GROWTH” is the acronym for “G” Grace, “R” Righteousness, “O” Others, “W” Worship Warfare, “T” Truth, and “H” Health(y).  Ephesians 4:15 is the cornerstone by “speaking the truth in love, we may grow up into Him in all things, which is the Head – even Christ!”

DadHug1“Dad’s University” Monday’s at 7PM. Pastor Phil Larson is leading “Dad’s University (DADSU).” Subjects include, Respect Life, Respect property. Live honest. Work hard. Give out of your extra. Open doors for others. Study your trade. Be a craftsman with pride. Serve. Stay on the job until done. Continue to pray for “Dad’s University” – believing that “Dad’s University” will ultimately produce 100 Leaders of Fathers in the OKC Metro! AMEN!!!


Mon. 7PM – “DADUS” – Dad’s University

Tue. 9AM – Prayer @ ECF

Wed. 7PM – Bible Study; “Hearing God” – w/Jerry Newton teaching on Abram

NEXT Sunday – Celebrating Children- Pastor Lavoe Announcing

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