This Week @ ECF 6/23/13

the-promiseNew Sermon Series: This week we begin a new sermon series entitled “The Promise.” The purpose and desired outcome of this series is: 1) for the new and immature believer – is to introduce them to the Person, the purpose, the personal relationship and power of the Holy Spirit2) for the mature believer –to provoke them to be encouraged by practice and example, encourage the new and immature believer into a “Spirit-filled” life / lifestyle! Let’s soar as we explore, “The Promise!”

man_silhouetteAwesome Father’s Day – ECF experienced last Sunday! Anointed Praise and Worship! Anointed Prayer-time and Intercession! One of our visitor’s accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and one of our Eagle Dad’s baptizing his two sons! What an awesome Father’s Day!!! To GOD be all the glory – honor and praise! AMEN!!!

fatherlessFatherlessness is no secret at ECF and we are being proactive about it. We know that if you are an 18 year old make in America – you are a father figure to someone. Our partnership with Pastor Phil Larson  is enlightening us. Fatherlessness did not happen overnight and will not be corrected overnight – but it is now our time of opportunity to begin to correct this blight. Pastor Phil and I met this week to discuss ECF’s direction. We are going to continue to focus on our 1 Square Mile (1SM) with emphasis on discipleship. More to come! PS: I encourage you to be faithful in your monthly faith commitments in supporting Pastor Phil!

growth“GROWTH” is our word for 2013. “GROWTH” is the acronym for “G” Grace, “R” Righteousness, “O” Others, “W” Worship Warfare, “T” Truth, and “H” Health(y).  Ephesians 4:15 is the cornerstone by “speaking the truth in love, we may grow up into Him in all things, which is the Head – even Christ!”

“Dad’s University” Monday’s at 7PM. Pastor Phil Larson is leading “Dad’s dad_university_greeting_cards-r3b43c80acee34f75916b9a5366d73b10_xvuak_8byvr_216University (DADSU).” Subjects include, Respect Life, Respect property. Live honest. Work hard. Give out of your extra. Open doors for others. Study your trade. Be a craftsman with pride. Serve. Stay on the job until done. Continue to pray for “Dad’s University” – believing that “Dad’s University” will ultimately produce 100 Leaders of Fathers in the OKC Metro! AMEN!!!


  • Mon. 7PM – “DADUS” – Dad’s University
  • Tue. 9AM – Prayer @ ECF
  • Wed. 7PM – Bible Study w/Pastor Oxley subject – “Hearing God”
  • Next Sunday – “Celebrating Super Children’s Sunday – “ANGRY BIRDS!”

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