This Week @ ECF 8/11/13

A Tribute to Luvena Gandara

Luvena GandaraPastor and Sister Oxley returned to OKC this past Thursday evening from a trip to the Bentonville Arkansas area  – where we conducted the Committal Service on Wednesday for our dear – dear friend and sister in Christ – Mrs. Luvena Gandara. Kaye and I had the privilege of watching Grace unfold among the four blended families of Luvena. We witnessed the spiritual dynamic of “Knowing blood is thicker than water – But Spirit is thicker than blood.” This Grace initially emitted from Mike Gandara and was transmitted and transfused by all the families as they honored and celebrated Luvena’s Life and LivingLuvena’s Legacy of Grace to each of them will enable them to process their rite of grief and all grow in Grace! AMEN!!! Thank you Luvena! As our mutual friend Nancy McCready said, “You entered in for yourself and made the way for others to follow!” AMEN!!!

request“By Request” – New Sermon Series – This week we begin our new Sermon Series “By Request.” Request this year include: “Can you lose your salvation – Can you recoup Grace” – “What was the First Love?” in Rev. 2:4 – “Help for Families Dealing with Family Members Addiction” – “Gain from Pain.” If you have a topic or issue you would want to hear a sermon on or about – ASAP let me know in writing your “By Request.” Today’s sermon is entitled “Can You Lose Your Salvation – Can You Recoup Grace?” Let’s soar as we explore this “By Request!”

fatherless (1)Fatherlessness is no secret at ECF and we are being proactive about it. We know that if you are an 18 year old make in America – you are a father figure to someone. Fatherlessness did not happen overnight and will not be corrected overnight – but it is now our time of opportunity to begin to correct this blight. We are going to continue to focus on our 1 Square Mile (1SM) with emphasis on discipleship. I encourage you to you to be faithful in your monthly faith commitments in supporting Pastor Phil Larson!


  • Tuesday 6AM to Wednesday 6AM – 24 Hour Intercessory Prayer – to participate Contact Pastor Norman Henderson!
  • Wed. 7PM – Bible Study w/ Pastor Oxley
  • Pastor Oxley’s “By Request” Summer Sermons – He is waiting for your request! Thank you for the request received!

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