This Week @ ECF 9/29/13

 following jesusNew Sermon Series – “Fall-o-ing Jesus.” Following Jesus is both an invitation and command. Following Jesus is about intentional discipleship. This sermon segment is “Following Jesus for Yourself.” In Part 1 we explored “Personal Relationship with Jesus through Prayer.”  The purpose of this sermon series is to exhort and equip every Eagle at ECF with intentionality the disciplines of discipleship! Let’s soar as we explore –“Fall-o-ing Jesus!” …. and that is more than on twitter!

Thank_you_smallA Special Thank You and Praise Report from Pastor Oxley! I want to thank you for your prayers, calls – texts – emails caring for me following my accident. After a CAT scan and multiple x-rays and doctors consultations – I am going to mend and be in health and prosper even as my soul prospers! Thank You Pastors Kerry McClure and David Ross for ministering in my absence! And, Thank You 1st Lady Mrs. Kaye and her sister Janice Ollenburger for the beautiful Fall decorating!

Fatherlessness is no secret at ECF and we are being proactive about it. We know that if you are an 18 year old male in America – you are a father figure to someone. Fatherlessness did not happen overnight and will not be corrected overnight – but it is now our time of opportunity to begin to correct this blight. We are going to continue to focus on our 1 Square Mile (1SM) with emphasis on discipleship. Thank you in being faithful in your monthly faith commitments in supporting Pastor Phil Larson!

upcoming-events1Tuesdays 6AM to Wednesday 6AM – 24 Hour Intercessory Prayer – to participate Contact Pastor Norman Henderson!

Wednesday 7PM – Bible Study w/Pastor Oxley – “Hearing God”

Sun. 10/6 @ 1PM – Official launch date for ECF’s Daughter Church “Perpetual Praise International Church” w/ Pastors Melvin & Deborah Bunn!

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