This Week @ ECF 1/4/15

“Happy & Blessed 2015!!!”

fasting1“21 Day Daniel Fast” – In November Holy Spirit began dealing with me about ECF embarking on another “21 Day Daniel Fast.” (Its been a couple of years since we’ve had a corporate fast) One way of validating a “Word” from the Lord is to have the same “Word” confirmed by two or more witnesses. We have the confirmations! My dear friend, Senior Pastor Jon Chastain of “Victory” is leading them in a fast called “Anchored.” Enclosed a copy of “2015 Fast Declaration” for the IPHC from our Presiding Bishop Douglas Beacham! As we seek the face and favor of God and fast as Holy Spirit guides – we’ll “SOAR” in 2015! AMEN!!!

resolutionsNew Year’s Resolutions? Consider this; At the 152nd Emancipation Proclamation Service this past New Years Day, special speaker Rev. Richard Gaines Senior Pastor of the Community Missionary Baptist Church in Norman, OK said; “As a Believer I don’t make new year resolutions because, I’ve already been RESOLVED!” Think about it!

carpe-diemSeize the Day! This is your Day! This is our Day! This is ECF’s Day! Smith Wigglesworth said, “Opportunity does not wait – not even if you pray. You must “live ready.”  ECF’s opportunity is NOW. This is ECF’s Day! Our assignment is in our 13 word Vision/Mission Statement. Our fleshing it out is in accepting, receiving and restoring the “Halt” – the “Lame” and the “Maimed” as they are drawn here and sent to us. This is why we must and we will “Seize the Day – Seize our Day!” Let’s soar! AMEN!!!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday Jan. 6th – Noon Prayer @ ECF
  • Wednesday Jan. 7th @ 8AM – Men’s Breakfast at Moe’s @ MacArthur & NW 50th
  • Wednesday Jan. 8th @ 7PM – “Attitude and Altitude Check” w/ Pastor Oxley (Rotation w/ Staff Ministers)

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