This Week @ ECF 1/25/15

Soar-with-the-Eagles-Banner1This Week’s Sermon: This year’s Preaching Calendar is themed with ECF’s Word for 2015 – “SOAR.” This week, I begin a 5 Part Series on “Courage to SOAR.” The topics are 1) Courage to Surrender Ourselves, 2) Courage to Accept Renewal 3) Courage to Love and 4) Courage to Harvest! Let’s “SOAR” as we explore – “Courage to SOAR!” Amen!

thank-you (1)Thank you Pastor Greg Smith for preaching in our absences last Sunday! First Lady “Mama Kaye” and I were in Tulsa this past weekend. We attending the wedding of my great-nephew Tyler Brown, and visited our daughter Janna and her hubby Trent and our 3 “Jewels” Kaytlin, Ashley and Brooklyn. Also we were with my sister Priscilla Oxley Brown for her 5 plus hours procedure last Monday. We were so blessed to hear the great reports of the awesome Holy Ghost anointed service you had. That is exactly what Momma Kaye and I prayed for! AMEN! Eagles you were in excellent and capable hands with our Pastoral Staff and we know they helped facilitate you to “SOAR”!

comedy nite downloadFriday Jan. 30 @ 7PM Christian Comedy Night
with Mark Jackson

“21 Day Daniel Fast” – This week
, January 25th we complete our corporate called “21 Day Daniel Fast.” I do sincerely each one of you that have joined us in participating in these 21 days of fasting. All of us did not fast the same way, but we fasted as Holy Spirit led us to fast.  We are witnessing a fresher and more intimate connection and relationship with Holy Spirit! As we seek the face and favor of God and continue fast when Holy Spirit guides – we’ll “SOAR” into higher and more glorious thermals in 2015! AMEN!!!

dr. zuess this is your day 589957446_oSeize the Day! This is your Day! This is our Day! This is ECF’s Day! Smith Wigglesworth said, “Opportunity does not wait – not even if you pray. You must “live ready.”  ECF’s opportunity is NOW. This is ECF’s Day! Our assignment is in our 13 word Vision/Mission Statement on the left side of this page. Our fleshing it out is in accepting, receiving and restoring the “Halt” – the “Lame” and the “Maimed” as they are drawn here and sent to us. This is why we must and we will “Seize the Day – Seize our Day!” Let’s soar! AMEN!!!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday Jan. 27 – Noon Prayer @ ECF
  • Wednesday Jan. 28 @ 8AM – Men’s Breakfast at Moe’s @ MacArthur & NW 50th
  • Wednesday Jan. 28 @ 7PM – “Attitude and Altitude Check” w/ Pastor Rob Belcher
  • Friday Jan. 30 @ 7PM – Christian Comedy Nite – “Loosing It” w/ Mark Jackson

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