This Week @ ECF 02/08/15


This Week’s Sermon: This year’s Preaching Calendar is themed with ECF’s Word for 2015 – “SOAR.” This week, I continue a 5 Part Series on “Courage to SOAR.” The topics are 1) Courage to Think, 2) Courage to Surrender Ourselves, 3) Courage to Accept Renewal 4) Courage to Love and 5) Courage to Harvest! Let’s “SOAR” as we explore – “Courage to SOAR!” Amen!

cropped-valentines-everyday-banner.jpgFebruary – “Valentimes Month!”

No! The above header is not a misprint! With intentionality you are reading “Valentimes!” When our daughter Janna Chalin (JC) was beginning to learn to speak she would pronounce “Valentine” as “Valentimes.” As I would begin to correct her – it would confuse her. One day Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “Let her be – she will figure it out – go ahead and celebrate “Valentimes” because ALL THE TIME is the Love of Jesus! His Love is without end! Our Father example of His eternal Love for ALL is summed up in John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting – eternal life!” So, JC you are right – it is “Valentimes!” AMEN!

seize-the-day-750473007Seize the Day! This is your Day! This is our Day! This is ECF’s Day! Smith Wigglesworth said, “Opportunity does not wait – not even if you pray. You must “live ready.”  ECF’s opportunity is NOW. This is ECF’s Day! Our assignment is in our 13 word Vision/Mission Statement on the left side of this page. Our fleshing it out is in accepting, receiving and restoring the “Halt” – the “Lame” and the “Maimed” as they are drawn here and sent to us. This is why we must and we will “Seize the Day – Seize our Day!” Let’s soar! AMEN!!!

happy_group_of_kids-with-borderChildren’s Ministry: Children’s Pastor Lisa Belcher will begin conducting services for our children March 1st! Following the worship  of our “Tithe & Offering”

team eagle“TEAM EAGLE”: We are enthused, encouraged and excited about “New Thermals” that we are Soaring into! Today you will be blessed, encouraged and exhorted to “SOAR!”


Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday Feb.10  – Noon Prayer @ ECF
  • Wednesday Feb.11 @ 8AM – Men’s Breakfast at Moe’s @ MacArthur & NW 50th
  • Wednesday Feb.11 @ 7PM – “Attitude and Altitude Check” w/ Pastor Melvin
  • Saturday Feb. 21 @ 11AM – “Ladies Tea” (free event)
    • sponsored by ECF’s Women of Worth – See Pastor Jessica Smith for details.

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