This Week @ ECF 4/26/15


the-promiseThis year’s Preaching Calendar is themed with ECF’s Word for 2015 – “SOAR.”
This weeks sermon is entitled “The Promise to Soar.” Let’s “soar as we explore” “The Promise to SOAR!”

“Days of GLORY” Prophetess Kathy Sandlin took ill in route to OKC and had to be taken back to South Carolina. What we thought was a Blitz ended up being a Blessing! We followed Holy Spirit’s leading and Flying-Eaglehad a “home grown” revival with our Staff Pastors / Ministers preaching! Wow! What Days of GLORY we experienced! Every service built upon to the next one! We witnessed the “5 Fold Ministry” of the Pastor-Teacher, Evangelist, Apostle and Prophet in operation! We prayed this special designated time as “Days of GLORY.” We experienced Holy Spirit manifesting His presences of the GLORY of God! Today, we will view a short video depicting God’s Glory in this House! It’s Father’s will that EVERY GENERATION experience His GLORY. ECF is committed to this end!

Glory“Night of GLORY” – As a result of us beginning to experience God’s GLORY – we with purposed intentionality are continuing to passionately pursue His Presences. We are designating the First Wednesday night as “Night of GLORY.” Rather than assembling for our regular Wednesday’s “Attitude & Altitude Check” we want to continue to humbly present ourselves before God to receive His GLORY as He desires to presence Himself with us! AMEN!!

thank-you (1)First Lady “Momma Kaye” says “Thank You” for honoring her in celebrating her Birthday last Sunday! She thanks you for the kind words, lovely roses, cards and gifts. Most of all your devoted love and prayers!  

Children’s Ministry: Children’s Pastor Lisa Belcher will be conducting service for our children this week immediately following the worship with our “Tithe & Offerings.”

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday April 28th tNoon Prayer @ ECF
  • Wednesday April 29th  – 8AM – Men’s Breakfast at Moe’s @ MacArthur & NW 50th
  • Wednesday April 29th   – 7PM Speaker – Jessica Smith
  • Sunday May 31st  – Fellowship Meal and 5th Sunday Singing

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