This Week @ ECF 11/29/15


Senior Pastor – David L. Oxley Sr.

   Our Vision/Mission Statement is 13 Words; “Reaching, Restoring and Releasing humanity to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

This is the grid that filters all of our thoughts. This is the lenses that helps focuses this paradigm. Recently ECF hosted via Skype international considerationApostle and Prayer Prophet Dale Gentry. His “word” to us was that we would be a church of “Consideration.” Not just meeting and hearing people and their stories, but listening a giving them “Consideration.”

In this weeks Sermon – we continue with “Grace & Prayer.”

It contains the tools that will help us better participate in and facilitate “Consideration” to people!  Let’s continue to soar as we explore  “Grace & Prayer!” AMEN!

Pastor Melvin Bunn will be leading our Praise & Worship this week. Pastors Kerry and Lynn McClure are out for the holiday! Pastors Kerry and Lynn – enjoy your respite. Thank You Pastor Melvin!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday December 1stNoon Prayer @ the First Lutheran Church @ NW 12th & Robinson
  • Wednesday, December 2nd @ 9AM – Men’s Breakfast at Nina’s @ NW 20th & Portland
  • Wednesday, December 2nd – 7PM “Attitude & Altitude Check” w/ Pastor Greg Smith
  • Saturday, December 5th9AM Decorate Church for CHRISTmas!
  • is 4031
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