This Week @ ECF 5/22/16

hungry and thirsty

This Week’s Sermon: is entitled “Just How Blessed Are You?” Most of the affluent western culture has their own special interest and ego on their brain when contemplating the word “Blessed.”  Although this is part and parcel it is not the entire story. For “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say – let us consider a broader perspective in “Just How Blessed Are You?”  Let’s soar as we explore!


August 20 & 21 @ Cox Convention Center, OKC
“All of Oklahoma Shall Be Saved!”
2,000 volunteers are needed!

8a019ec612da91151b2202d80af8f922ECF’s “Word” for 2016 is “BLESSED!” The simple definition of “BLESSED” is “Invoking / asking for Divine Favor.” Our cornerstone Text is Numbers 23:20“Behold I have received a command to Bless; HE has Blessed, and I can not reverse it.”

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, May 22 – Noon Prayer
    @ the First Lutheran Church @ NW 12th & Robinson
  • Wednesday, May 25 @ 9AM – Men’s Breakfast at Nina’s @ NW 50th & Portland
  • Wednesday, May 25 @ 7PM – “Divine Favor Night” –with Pastor Kerry McClure
  • Friday, May 27 @ 6:30AM – Early Morning Prayer @ ECF
  • Friday, May 27 @ 6:30PM – Men’s Ministry “MOVE” Men of Valor at Eagles’ Crest
         dinner meeting @ Nina’s @ just south of NW 50th & Portland
  • Sunday, May 29 – 5th Sunday Fellowship Meal & Singing

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