This Week @ ECF 12/18/16


As of this Sunday, December 18, there are 7 days until CHRISTmas Day. As we celebrate this holiday season that there are those that this is not a “Merry – Merry” or “Happy – Happy” season. Due to death, divorce, physical challenges and financial setbacks people are loaded with the cares of this life. It is only in the Christ in CHRISTmas that we receive of His grace to navigate the issues of this life and live lives in His victory!

mangerstar-lightThis week’s “Tag-Team” sermon is entitled “LIGHT.” We are going to examine a prophetic word given by Zacharias at the birth of his and Elizabeth’s son, John (the Baptist). This prophetic word is also a precursor to John’s cousin, Jesus. ECF’s Team Eagle pastoral staff will be participating as follows:

L – Love: Kerry McClure

I– Immaculate: Melvin Bunn  

G – Grace: Jessica Smith

H – Hope: Greg Smith 

T – Truth: Rob Belcher

Let’s soar as we explore “LIGHT”!


  • “ECF’s Annual CHRISTmas Dinner – & Music Too”

December 18th, at 5PM we will be having our Annual CHRISTmas dinner. It will be catered by Chef Ryan Parker. The cost is $10 per person. Following our Dinner – CHRISTmas Music will be provided by Mid-Del Jazz Orchestra.

  • Coming next week on CHRISTmas Day: Personal/Family Communion! One of my most personal highlights as ECF’s Senior Pastor is the honor and joy of serving Holy Communion on CHRISTmas Sunday, which this year is actually on CHRISTmas Day! It is come and go, and I’ll be serving Holy Communion from 10AM til Noon.


christmas-musicSunday, December 18, 5PM
ECF Christmas Dinner ($10)

Special Christmas Music, 6PM
Mid-Del Jazz Orchestra
Don’t miss it!!!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, December 20th – Noon Prayer at First Lutheran Church
  • Wednesday, December 21th – 9:00AM Men’s Breakfast at Nina’s
  • Wednesday, December 21th – 7:00PM Divine Favor with Pastor Rob
  • Friday, December 23th – 6:30AM Prayer at ECF with Pastor Kerry

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