This Week @ ECF 7/23/17


Associate Pastor – Rob Belcher

This week, we are going to talk about a scripture that is familiar to some, but maybe not to others – Luke 11:23-26.

As Pastors, we have seen many of our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ go through some hard, Dry Places. We ALL go through Dry Places in our lives, but what do we do when we are in those Dry Places? We will explore this from a point of view that maybe you have or haven’t heard before.

Are you thirsty this morning?

Patch_of_the_OCPD#ThankYouOKCPD / “Hot Spot” Map & Intercessory Prayer

Thank you for your continued Intercessory Prayer over these “Hot Spots” that we refer to as “Strong Holds”. ECF has entered into a Spiritual Partnership with our OKCPD – we pray for police officers, the criminals and the victims. You are encouraged to pray daily, not only for our OKCPD, but for all of those who watch over us! AMEN!!!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, July 25th – Noon Prayer at First Lutheran Church
  • Wednesday, July 26th – 8:30AM Men’s Breakfast at Nina’s
  • Wednesday, July 26th – 7:00PM Divine Mercies with Pastor Greg Smith
  • Sunday, July 30th – 5th Sunday Fellowship Meal and Singing


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