This Week @ ECF 8/13/17


jesus-is-lordEagles Crest is in a wonderful season! Some Eagles are running, others are walking. Holy Spirit promises strength for both those running and walking. Our strength comes in the “waiting”. This week we continue with Part 2 of “The Lordship of Jesus”. We are going to pickup with the two words Holy Spirit spoke to me while I was in recovery from my surgery. These two words are “MUTE” and “HOME”. Let’s soar as we explore Part 2 of “The Lordship of Jesus”!

Baptism (1) Baptismal Service:

 We have some Eagles that desire to follow their Lord Jesus in baptism. If you desire to be baptized, please contact Pastor Oxley. Keep SOARING!!!!

Patch_of_the_OCPD #ThankYouOKCPD / “Hot Spot” Map & Intercessory Prayer

 Thank you for your continued Intercessory Prayer over these “Hot Spots” that we refer to as “Strong Holds”. ECF has entered into a Spiritual Partnership with our OKCPD – we pray for police officers, the criminals and the victims. You are encouraged to pray daily, not only for our OKCPD, but for all of those who watch over us! AMEN!!!

 Upcoming Events:

  •  Tuesday, August 15th – Noon Prayer at First Lutheran Church
  • Wednesday, August 16th – 8:30AM Men’s Breakfast at Nina’s
  • Wednesday, August 16th – 7PM Divine Mercies with Pastor Melvin Bunn
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