This Week @ ECF 10/29/17

fall-favorite-seasonWelcome to Fall in Oklahoma! We know that Winter is on its way!

This week, we will continue with Part 2 of “It is Well!” We will pick up where we left last Sunday! In spite of our democracy being disrespected, there are more individuals that truly care about our Nation. And as God-fearing US Citizens, we have the opportunity to celebrate and demonstrate our patriotism emitting out of our hearts and love and compassion for the “Whole World!” AMEN!! Let’s soar as we explore, “It is Well!

 This week is Communion Sunday!

I’m grateful for each one of you and your contribution of your time, talent and treasure! ECF practices “Open Communion”, so you may participate even if you’re not a member. Keep soaring!!

pastor appreciation

We will be receiving a special love offering for our Pastoral Staff this week. In the past, you have been very generous! Let’s pray, plan and prepare to give a generous love offering for ECF’s Pastoral Staff!

5th Sunday SingThere will be no Fellowship Meal today. Pastor Kerry will host the 5th Sunday Singing from 1:30pm to 3:00pm for those desiring to sing. Please contact Pastor Kerry if you desire to sing.


Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, October 31st – Noon Prayer at First Lutheran Church
  • Wednesday, November 1st – 8:30AM Men’s Breakfast at Nina’s
  • Wednesday, November 1st – 7PM Divine Mercies with Pastor Melvin
  • Wednesday, November 1st – 7PM Youth Service with Pastor Ethan


Trunk-or-TreatPastor Ethan is accepting candy donations for ECF’s Trunk-or-Treat on October 29th

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